Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arnold Fried Chicken - City Plaza

This little island of our doesnt really have a lot of fried chicken places except for the KFC franchise. So upon learning of a pure friend chicekn restaurant, i decided to give it a try and see how it compared to the "gold standard"
We came one weekend afternoon, surprised with the long queue that welcomed us. WE were.. i think no.10 on the waiting list, and this was the time inbetween lunch and dinner. The place was packed

We decided to order Bandung.. or the rose drink.. which for me, personally was a mistake.. it was too sweet to eat it with friend chicken.. but thats just my opinion, almost every table has a drink like this, so i guess, they must must like it:)

This is the two pice chciken meal. a bit pricey if you ask me, it cost more than 6SGD Consisting of two piece chicken, french fries and a dinner roll.

The chicken was fried excellently, crispy skin, juicy meat, though the skin is not as tasty as Colonel Sanders Original recipe.. it was crispy enough to satisfy me.

The dinner roll, though oily was quite good, it was very buittery and soft on the inside with a slight crisp exterior..The fries were your regular store bought run of the mill french fries.

Address: 810 Geylang Road
Singapore 409286
6746 2372