Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eng Kee Chicken Wings -

After a heavy meal at Two Chefs Eating Place.. while walking at the Coomonwealth area, i noticed this sign
and remember reading about this place in a couple of blogs.
The line here is said to never since, from the time it opens to the time it closes shop. The specialty of the stall... yes.. its so obvious... CHICKEN WINGS... Fried Chicken Wings.
To partner the wings are a choice of three kinds of noodles....
Here is what i got.. i wont be talking about the noodles.. just the WINGS

THe nice thing about this place. you know that your wings are cooked fresh; batch after batch, because of the volume of people in queue. Si even if you waited .. the important thing is that you food is served hot.
THere is a light coating on the wings.. its crispy and seasoned very very well. it is also marinated well, as you can taste it in the meat once you bite and chew it.
Truly one of the best fried chicken wings in the island.
117 Commonwealth Drive
Mon to Sat
12pm to 12am

Monday, January 17, 2011

Azmi Restaurant - Little India

1944, is the year that this place was opened.. serving Singapore with the best unleavened flat bread you can find in the whole Island. Located at the Corner of Serangoon and Norris St.

This coffee shop specializes in CHAPATI, and i mean specialize. They are the best at what they do. THe churned out Chapatis so quickly that they serve it to you right off the flat grill.
The place looks really run down, as if you are transported to the 40's- 50's era Even the people who serves you seem like they have been working here for years. Everything is done like clock work. Your order of Chapati, your side veggies,
your keema. THey said nothing change.. well, maybe the price. But everything is the same. so as they claim.
The chapati was indeed very very good.,
slightly toasted, soft, easy to handle and eat. I will never look at other chapati the same again and this will surely be my gold standard.

The perfect match to this is the lamb or mutton keema,
which is mince mutton, cooked into a thick stew like consistency, mixed with peas and diced potatoes. And, it was indeed perfect....i wipe the plate clean with my chapati.
To wash it all down was a cup of Teh tarik..
which was sadly a downer, as no foam came out of it....and tasted a bit bland
Anyway, This is truly a die die must try for Chapati lovers... a heritage food location.. i hope it can be passed to the next generation though...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chinese Stall in Peoples Park Complex - 01-1130

This hawker center is one of the Busiest during the weekends, because of the throves of chinese migrants and foreign tourist who comes to Chinatown to see what is here, especially now that the Chinese New Year is fast approaching.
Was doing by routine of walking thru the hawker center, when i fancy eating a plate of Xiao Long Bao.. 6pcs for 4 dollars... i guess its cheap right?? Made within the premises, this places also does a variety of chinese dishes. But i guess their specialty are the buns as it is placed in the middle of the picture:)
So i got myself a plate. but sadly it looked like this....
a bit shrunk dont you think?
Good that it was served with black vinegar and slivers of ginger. But tastewise.. this was a bit of a letdown as i was expecting something more.. not much soup inside:(
The hawker center still have a lot to offer, like the places who does roast meats very well..

Friday, January 7, 2011

il Gelato Di Bruno - CityLink Mall, Raffles City

If you guys have been passing by the CityLink Mall.. you should have notice this palce nbeing built, and i was waiting for it to open and even more excited for this place to open than Hershey's Chocolate world.

This place has been open for the past 3 weeks, and scooping delectable gelatos.
You can try out different flavours first before ordering

They also allow you to mix and match flavours. Up to three flavours per serving. Sizes are small , medium and large
My order of Vanilla and Whiskey cream(small).

Botj of which are quite good, the consistency is really that of Gelato, Dense and creamy. No icy mouthfeel here. The vanilla was great and you can see they use real vanilla beans which i like, the Whiskey cream had just the right amount of alcohol in it. Very very nice.
They have an ongoing PROMO. 50 percent off on the prices from 6pm to 10pm, Sundays to Thursdays. So, from 6 SGd for the small serving, it goes down to 3SGD.
TRy it out.:)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Legend of the Seas Land Excursions - Patong Beach, Phuket

Day 3, lands you in Phuket at 1pm, and like when we were in Port Kelang in Malaysia, we decided to forego with what the cruise was offering and went to choose our own adventure when we reached the shore.
However, the place was much more chaotic than Port Kelang which was more organized. Here, Divers would surround you and haggle with you till no end.. well, there is an end, when you choose one of them . They will offer trips to nearby destination.
Our Driver brought us to a Elephant and Snake show, which we were ot interested.
He then borught us to a shop that sells local delicacies, like tamarind candies etc..
Then he brought us to a jewelry factory, even when we said we dont want to go.. thet say that the company provides them with vouchers for free gas just to bring customers, even if we dont buy any stuff from them.
Lastly i asked them to bring us to a good thai restaurant.
NOTE TO ALL... never let them drive you to a restaurant.. and never go to this restaurant.
Its expensive and not that good
here is what we had. Tom yum soup and chicken and crab wantons.. both are sub par and forgettable

Not full after that meal, we went to the beach side to find some thai food... we were at awe that there were 3 Mcdonalds in a short stretch of beach road and a lot of places serving pizzas.
We were able to find this restaurant in one of the sides streets.

Ordered a Prawn pancake-

which was nicely fried though my only complant is the breading was a bit thickm but otherwise, the filling was good
Pad Thai-

was so-so, not something i would order here again
Thai ice tea-
was also a bit anemic and bland.
Should i therefore conclude that Patong beach doesnt really offer good thai food... hmmm...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Land Excursions - Royal Carribean Cruise Legend of the Seas

Day 2 of the cruise will bring you to Port Kelang.. From the Port, the Cruise itself offers a lot of Land exursions to choose from
But we chose to go by ourselves and took a taxi from the port to SUNWAY PYRAMID which cost 50USD for one taxi to fit 4 people..roundtrip fare, which was 30-45 minutes away from the Port. (Kuala lumpur is an hour away)
THis mall is in the heart of Petaling Jaya, and has a amusemnt park and a hotel connected to it. We have 5 hours to go around the mall, and it was really huge.
Some food find here were Daily Fresh Snow ice..

chose the Honeydew melon flavored. ice was fresly shaved to a fine consistency tnat was very enjoyable and easy to it. The flavor of the Honeydew was evident and cools ur system in a jiff:)

Beside it is this stall. called Mr. Siew bao,

i tried there Chicken and cheese bao. Nothing special here, couldnt really taste the cheese. THe crust was crispy and flaky. which was quite different from the usual steam vao we are used too.
Then for lunch we headed to Dragon-I, one of the most famous chinese restaurant in Malaysia.

The Xiao long bao here were very good,

better than Crystal jade or Imperial treasure, the amount of soup inside amounted to a whole soup spoon. the skin was steamed perfectly, no dry portions.
The double boiled soup was great,
clean tasting and the chicken was tender and falling off the bone.. well, it was double boiled... hahaha
The honey spareribs were also good, crispy in the outside, soft tender meat and fat that just melted as soon as you chew on it.,
i just dont like the plate they used,
such a waste of space.
The salted egg yolk prawns were not that good though..
lacks in flavor, a bit bland.
The fried rice was also good..
very nice wok hei, and the grains were well separated and seasoned evenly.
The last dish was the braised pork belly,
which was also spoon tender and just melts in your mouth when you eat it. See the layers of meat and fat,
just perfect. The steam buns were the right companion to this dish.