Monday, January 17, 2011

Azmi Restaurant - Little India

1944, is the year that this place was opened.. serving Singapore with the best unleavened flat bread you can find in the whole Island. Located at the Corner of Serangoon and Norris St.

This coffee shop specializes in CHAPATI, and i mean specialize. They are the best at what they do. THe churned out Chapatis so quickly that they serve it to you right off the flat grill.
The place looks really run down, as if you are transported to the 40's- 50's era Even the people who serves you seem like they have been working here for years. Everything is done like clock work. Your order of Chapati, your side veggies,
your keema. THey said nothing change.. well, maybe the price. But everything is the same. so as they claim.
The chapati was indeed very very good.,
slightly toasted, soft, easy to handle and eat. I will never look at other chapati the same again and this will surely be my gold standard.

The perfect match to this is the lamb or mutton keema,
which is mince mutton, cooked into a thick stew like consistency, mixed with peas and diced potatoes. And, it was indeed perfect....i wipe the plate clean with my chapati.
To wash it all down was a cup of Teh tarik..
which was sadly a downer, as no foam came out of it....and tasted a bit bland
Anyway, This is truly a die die must try for Chapati lovers... a heritage food location.. i hope it can be passed to the next generation though...

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