Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eng Kee Chicken Wings -

After a heavy meal at Two Chefs Eating Place.. while walking at the Coomonwealth area, i noticed this sign
and remember reading about this place in a couple of blogs.
The line here is said to never since, from the time it opens to the time it closes shop. The specialty of the stall... yes.. its so obvious... CHICKEN WINGS... Fried Chicken Wings.
To partner the wings are a choice of three kinds of noodles....
Here is what i got.. i wont be talking about the noodles.. just the WINGS

THe nice thing about this place. you know that your wings are cooked fresh; batch after batch, because of the volume of people in queue. Si even if you waited .. the important thing is that you food is served hot.
THere is a light coating on the wings.. its crispy and seasoned very very well. it is also marinated well, as you can taste it in the meat once you bite and chew it.
Truly one of the best fried chicken wings in the island.
117 Commonwealth Drive
Mon to Sat
12pm to 12am

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