Friday, January 7, 2011

il Gelato Di Bruno - CityLink Mall, Raffles City

If you guys have been passing by the CityLink Mall.. you should have notice this palce nbeing built, and i was waiting for it to open and even more excited for this place to open than Hershey's Chocolate world.

This place has been open for the past 3 weeks, and scooping delectable gelatos.
You can try out different flavours first before ordering

They also allow you to mix and match flavours. Up to three flavours per serving. Sizes are small , medium and large
My order of Vanilla and Whiskey cream(small).

Botj of which are quite good, the consistency is really that of Gelato, Dense and creamy. No icy mouthfeel here. The vanilla was great and you can see they use real vanilla beans which i like, the Whiskey cream had just the right amount of alcohol in it. Very very nice.
They have an ongoing PROMO. 50 percent off on the prices from 6pm to 10pm, Sundays to Thursdays. So, from 6 SGd for the small serving, it goes down to 3SGD.
TRy it out.:)

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