Saturday, January 1, 2011

Land Excursions - Royal Carribean Cruise Legend of the Seas

Day 2 of the cruise will bring you to Port Kelang.. From the Port, the Cruise itself offers a lot of Land exursions to choose from
But we chose to go by ourselves and took a taxi from the port to SUNWAY PYRAMID which cost 50USD for one taxi to fit 4 people..roundtrip fare, which was 30-45 minutes away from the Port. (Kuala lumpur is an hour away)
THis mall is in the heart of Petaling Jaya, and has a amusemnt park and a hotel connected to it. We have 5 hours to go around the mall, and it was really huge.
Some food find here were Daily Fresh Snow ice..

chose the Honeydew melon flavored. ice was fresly shaved to a fine consistency tnat was very enjoyable and easy to it. The flavor of the Honeydew was evident and cools ur system in a jiff:)

Beside it is this stall. called Mr. Siew bao,

i tried there Chicken and cheese bao. Nothing special here, couldnt really taste the cheese. THe crust was crispy and flaky. which was quite different from the usual steam vao we are used too.
Then for lunch we headed to Dragon-I, one of the most famous chinese restaurant in Malaysia.

The Xiao long bao here were very good,

better than Crystal jade or Imperial treasure, the amount of soup inside amounted to a whole soup spoon. the skin was steamed perfectly, no dry portions.
The double boiled soup was great,
clean tasting and the chicken was tender and falling off the bone.. well, it was double boiled... hahaha
The honey spareribs were also good, crispy in the outside, soft tender meat and fat that just melted as soon as you chew on it.,
i just dont like the plate they used,
such a waste of space.
The salted egg yolk prawns were not that good though..
lacks in flavor, a bit bland.
The fried rice was also good..
very nice wok hei, and the grains were well separated and seasoned evenly.
The last dish was the braised pork belly,
which was also spoon tender and just melts in your mouth when you eat it. See the layers of meat and fat,
just perfect. The steam buns were the right companion to this dish.

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