Friday, December 31, 2010

Royal Carribean Cruise Legend of the Seas

So, thats the end of the series
This post will talk about what i didnt like about the cruise ship
Finding the room was a bit of a hassle, cause of the small numbers that indicate which rooms are on one side or the other.
As you can see in the pic, this is the view when you are at the stairs So you really have to go near it just to see if your room is on that side.
Another thing is the place where they show movies, The place is not really a theater, it just have a white screen and a projector. you can hear the sound of the performance going on at the floor below;
then, the movie dont even have chinese subtitles. Even if more than half of the passengers are chinese speaking. And.. the movie copy is not even high quality. wasnt very clear.
But, on the plus side, service was exceptional(well except for the cooking of my meats) Staff here are very nice and courteous.
I think the most important thing.. as with any vacation, is travel with people you enjoy the company with. I was with family, which is for me the best company there is.
Will i travel Royal Carribean again.. my answer is.. depends on the company.. :)

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