Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Royal Carribean Cruise Legend of the Seas Day 4

Day Four
Day for of the trip, lets you stay in the Ship the whole day, with activites through out the whole day
the breakfast is the usual breakfast that i have been showing you. so we will skip.
Linch is a choice of three venues, Romeo and juliet, Windjammers or Outside poolside,

where a BARBEQUE is set up.

Hotdogs and Hamburgers and RIBS galore
The Burger you can get as many patties and cheese and top it with bacon,

like i did.. juicy and meaty!!
THe ribs are terribly GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD.
very tender and well marinated.
There is also free flow soft served ice cream.. yum yum

Then you have the afternnon to rest, watch a movie, play casino etc etc,
Last Dinner at the Romeo and Juliet. I got the Chef Signature Menu.

THe bread as usual was good..
if it was warm, it would have been better
THe antipasti platter, was good.
Prosciuto wrapped melon, grilled veggies and roasted garlic. Another appetizer offers is the Scallops with corn risotto,
which i was surpirsed cooked well.:)
The Lamb Shanks were very tender,
falling of the bone tender even..
Another main that was offersd was Black angus Sirloin..

but as usual, it was not done the way i like it, cooked to the point that all the pinkness of the meat is almost gone.. so sad...
Desserts: Raspberry panna cotta-- mediocre.. below average

Warm Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, was good though...


  1. heh there seemed to be alot of eating going on during the cruise!

  2. Wow you guys got BBQ ribs!!!!

    We all loved the soft-serve ice cream! I miss the machine! hahaha!