Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fish & Co. - many branches all over Singapore

Being Colonized by The Bristish, Singaporeans do love Fish and Chips, there are a lot of places that offer this delicacy. There is the humble "Chipper" that you can find at "food courts" inside malls. THere are a lot of restos like Fisheros, Manhattan Fish Market, Smiths in Katong, and the list goes on and on.... Even in hawker center you would find fish and chips in stall selling western food.
I dont know if anyone would argue, but one of the franchise that does fish and chips well is FISH & Co...
Beer Battered.. crispy on the outside, soft, juicy and flaky inside..

Everytime, i eat here, the fish and Chips have been consisntent, in quality and the way they cook it. Yummy...
Being in singapore.. you definitely will be serve chili sauce....:)

This drink with fruit syrup, is nothing great...
next time i would just order water... hahaha

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