Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chui Kueh (Bedok) - Chinatown branch

Chui Kueh-- or loosely translated.. water cake has few basic ingredients, which include rice flour, water, oil and pickled radish.
This is one of the most simple dish that you can find in a hawker center here in Singapore. This chain of Chui Kueh shops can be found in a lot of hawker center and i chanced upon then here in Chinatown Hawker center in Smith Street.

Ordered myself a simple serving, consisting of 4 Chui kuen with the topping of pickled radish, i ommited the chili sauce as I wanted a plain old fashion Chui Kueh and nothing to numb the tastebud so i can taste why people sometimes line up for this.

It is really quite a simple dish, the silkiness of the kuweh combined with the flavors of the rash just mingled well together. People have this for dessert.. not really my type of dessert food, i would rather eat it as a appetizers just to wake up sht tastebuds...

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