Friday, December 31, 2010

Royal Carribean Cruise Legend of the Seas

So, thats the end of the series
This post will talk about what i didnt like about the cruise ship
Finding the room was a bit of a hassle, cause of the small numbers that indicate which rooms are on one side or the other.
As you can see in the pic, this is the view when you are at the stairs So you really have to go near it just to see if your room is on that side.
Another thing is the place where they show movies, The place is not really a theater, it just have a white screen and a projector. you can hear the sound of the performance going on at the floor below;
then, the movie dont even have chinese subtitles. Even if more than half of the passengers are chinese speaking. And.. the movie copy is not even high quality. wasnt very clear.
But, on the plus side, service was exceptional(well except for the cooking of my meats) Staff here are very nice and courteous.
I think the most important thing.. as with any vacation, is travel with people you enjoy the company with. I was with family, which is for me the best company there is.
Will i travel Royal Carribean again.. my answer is.. depends on the company.. :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Royal Carribean Cruise Legend of the Seas Day 4

Day Four
Day for of the trip, lets you stay in the Ship the whole day, with activites through out the whole day
the breakfast is the usual breakfast that i have been showing you. so we will skip.
Linch is a choice of three venues, Romeo and juliet, Windjammers or Outside poolside,

where a BARBEQUE is set up.

Hotdogs and Hamburgers and RIBS galore
The Burger you can get as many patties and cheese and top it with bacon,

like i did.. juicy and meaty!!
THe ribs are terribly GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD.
very tender and well marinated.
There is also free flow soft served ice cream.. yum yum

Then you have the afternnon to rest, watch a movie, play casino etc etc,
Last Dinner at the Romeo and Juliet. I got the Chef Signature Menu.

THe bread as usual was good..
if it was warm, it would have been better
THe antipasti platter, was good.
Prosciuto wrapped melon, grilled veggies and roasted garlic. Another appetizer offers is the Scallops with corn risotto,
which i was surpirsed cooked well.:)
The Lamb Shanks were very tender,
falling of the bone tender even..
Another main that was offersd was Black angus Sirloin..

but as usual, it was not done the way i like it, cooked to the point that all the pinkness of the meat is almost gone.. so sad...
Desserts: Raspberry panna cotta-- mediocre.. below average

Warm Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, was good though...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Royal Carribean Cruise Legends of the Seas Day 3

Day three of the cruise will bring you to Patong beach in Phuket by 1pm, and you get to stay till 930pm.
Breakfast is a choice of either the Romwo and juliet of Windjammers.
Windjammers was the choice
Plate no. 1-
Bacon, Smoked Salmon, Pork Sausages, Bread, Hash brwons, Naan.
bacon was done well, crispy and easy too eat, the Smoked salmon, i found to be a bit salty for my taste, i love the pork sausage and the hash brown, but the naan was dry, hard and difficult to eat.
Plate no. 2-
egg white omellete with shrimp, mushroom, tomatoes and cheese--- made to order.. yummmy:)
Plate no. 3-
pancake with whipped cream, strawberry sauce and cinnamon sugar on the side.. again.. very delicious
For lunch before we disembark at Phuket, i tried their NY striploin open sandwich. which sounded promising in the menu
and the photo at their cookbook

Here is what i got

Ordered for it to be done medium, again.. they over cooked my order.
I love the bread basket as usual:)

THe salad bar was loaded with stuff though and it provided the a nice intro to the lunch

Other choices like the Jambalaya tasted great

The grilled prawn skewer was also nice,
if only they use bigger sized prawns.
THe seafood chowder was a disaster
you can only find this baby squid in the chowder.
Dessert was this blueberry cheesecake

which was just ok and this banana cake which was also okay

Dinner, instead of going to Romeo and juliet we went to Windjammer and as usual they were serving the same food
plate no.1 -

Roasted pork loin with apple sauce,(which was very tender and moist.. very good) slow roasted beef shoudler( this was just okay, nothing great), potato croquettas(good), spicy fish tempura(forgettable), asparagus and egg quiche(very very good), vegetable fried rice(just okay),
After dinner you can watch a variety show done by the crew of the cruise of a late night movie
then after movie you can have snakc at the Solarium which serves till 2am

The french fries here are very very good,
better than fast food outlets like McDonalds or Burger King.
The burgers are okay as well,

except for the bread they use, but theri patties are pure beef patties.
They also serve pizzas here, but not really very nice.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Chirstmas!!!!!!

Merry CHRISTmas everyone
Dont forget the Reason for the Season
Eat, pray, love:)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Royal Carribean Cruise Legend of the Seas Part two

DAy two
We arrived in Prrt Kelang, Malaysia, you can opt to choose from the prearrange trips that is set up by the cruise which wil cost around a MINIMUM of 35.ooUSD per PERSON depending on whjat land trip you what, or you can just go to the port and try to take a taxi that will cost you MINIMUM 50.00USD per TAXI for 4 PERSONS, to drive you somewhere. or opt to just stay in the ship which has arrange some entertainment for those who opt to stay.
But before that we went for breakfast at the WINDJAMMERS
i love the assortment of BREADS!!!

cold cuts
(though i find the smoked salmon not that nice, but my brother liked it, congee,
that they have for us
plus a egg cooking station
where i got my egg white omellete

more Buffet spread

This is my plate
of Pancake with whipped cream and strawberry topping, which was very good, mini hash browns which were nice and crispy on the outside, por and turkey sausage(go for the pork one.. its yummy; and finally baconthey also havfe an indian breakfast selection.
We went to Sunway Pyramid, and ate there for luncH(WILL BE POSTED AFTER THE CRUISE SERIES)
Back to the ship for dinner time, which is suppose to be the GALA special dinner.
I got the Chef menu, whis is written below at the pic


baked with herb butter. THeu escargot were a bit gummy, which is a sign that it was a bit overcooked, and i didnt like it that it didnt came out piping hot.
Fiilet of beef, i asked for it to be medium,
but as you can see, it is done medium well, asmost well done, as the pinkish hue is almost very light an the meat was almost fully cooked. Good thing is was tender.
Other things that wa offered that i was able to dish is the Sea Bass dish,
which tasted more like Grouper or snapper than Seabass, it comes with rice ans corn and mushroom dish which was well cooked and flavored.

for dessert, the Souffle was excellent,

the waiter will open the middle and pour the Grand Marnier sauce, which complemented the souffle
The cherries jubilee was also nice.

Went up to Windjammer just to check if they still serve the same food,
they really do, for example here is the pic of the "sea Bass" at the buffet spread...

Next post Day 3 :)