Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SARPINO'S - Lots of branches all over Singapore

THere are a lot of Pizza places for delivery, Pelican, Rite, Canadian, Pizza de France etc etc.. Here is the first "Fast Food Pizza" i got to try.
The nice thing about Sarpinos, unlike the other pizza outlets. Sarpinos has stand alone outlets that serves pizzas by the slice, which i am hoping the others would follow.
This is their all meat pizza. Thier pizzas are pattern like PIZZA HUT's, meaning its THICK crust like a Pan Pizza. So a slice can be a bit filling for a light eating and can be subsatantial for a guy like me.

I love Pizzas in general, so for a quick fix, a lice of this pizza was okay lah. Dont expect Italian type pizzas here. This is more hearty and heavy.
What pizza chain do you guys recommend here in Singapore?

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