Sunday, November 28, 2010

YET CON - Purvis Street

Seeing this restaurant.. old glass door, Signage that also looks old. Well, lets change the word old to "classic". This is said to be one of the oldest Hainanese restaurnt here in Singapore. If you are just walking by, you will see Chickens hanging and the uncle chopping.:)
So i went here, trying to see what a "classic" Hainanese restaurant chicken rice taste like.
THe Chickens used here are not as fat as the ones in Boon Tong Kee, Tian-tian and Wee nam kee.
THe classic trio of sauces with the additional pickled chili:)
The rice was done nicely. very fragrant ans just the way i like my chicken rice to be , a little oily with lots of flavour:)
The Chicken was moist, not much fat which is good. And nicely seasoned.
Another thing that was recommended in the menu is their Roasted Pork, which goes out of stock earlier than the Chicken.
This was just okay lah, it wont be the thing that would make me return to Yet Con. But still worth a try,
They say the Hainanese pork chops here are very good, but regrettably i wasnt able to try it.
For really authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice. Come visit this restaurant. They do steamboat as well. And one more plus is that the place is AIRCONDITIONED!!!

25 Purvis St
Singapore 188602
6337 6819

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  1. Wow I have yet been to yet con but you made me feel like trying out their rice! Thanks for dropping by my blog. So what do you think of fengshan?