Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sin Hoi Sai Seafood - Tiong Bahru

I have been passing by this place a lot and seeing blogs about this place. Finally i was able to try it out. The place is alfresco dining with lots and lots fo fresh seafood swimming in their huge aquariums.
Service was quick and efficient. didnt really order any seafood dish as the budget was an issue. hahahah
The chili sauce here was very potent and good
Seafood Fried Rice-
good size serving. Fried exquisitely. good wok hei, neither dry or too wet. seasoned well.
Prawn Paste Chicken-
the taste was a bit too strong, even the color of the meat has turn to red orange. Not one of my favorite prawn paste chicken.
Hot plate Tofu-
this was good. the tofu was silky smooth inside. The meat and egg that accompanied the dish tasted good, including the boiling hot gravy.
Fresh barley drink-

I still have to get myself use to this drink.

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