Friday, November 26, 2010

McDonalds Double Mc Spicy

REcently the papers just revealed that 10% of all Singaporeans are Obese. Obesity is define as being 20% above your ideal bodyweight. of a body mass index of above 30. Walaoh!! i never knew that Singapore has a hgih obesity populstion. You dont really see a lot fo large people outside. Not like other western countries. Anyway recently Mcdonalds have been adding to this cause. Having Double everything. I decided to try the Double Mc Spicy.

Two patties of boneless fried chicken thighs. I like his, because unlike the usual Mc Chciken, this is not process meat.

The patty here is like KFC's Zinger. Laden iwth a large dollop or mayonaisse. The sandwich was indeed filling. It was good. Better head to the gym before or after eating this though.
Will try the MEGAMAC next time:)

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