Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jia Ji Mei Shi - Chinatown Complex Food Center

Breakfast time. A very improtant meal of the day. Sometimes people are just too busy or ina hurry to prepare breakfast at home so they would just rush to a hawker center. And here i am.. being one of those people to rush to a hawker center to get a tummy full of food. Saw this line and was thinking. they must have something good. Bowls and bowls of porridge was being serve. I just have to order myself one. I got the chicken. no raw fish this time to accompany my porridge.

This came piping hot but a but the texture was a bit watered down, i like my porridge thick. Nevertheless, it came in a very big bowl and thoughb i was able to finish it, i was indeed full after.
Chinatown Complex
335, Smith Street
Singapore 050335

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