Sunday, November 28, 2010

YET CON - Purvis Street

Seeing this restaurant.. old glass door, Signage that also looks old. Well, lets change the word old to "classic". This is said to be one of the oldest Hainanese restaurnt here in Singapore. If you are just walking by, you will see Chickens hanging and the uncle chopping.:)
So i went here, trying to see what a "classic" Hainanese restaurant chicken rice taste like.
THe Chickens used here are not as fat as the ones in Boon Tong Kee, Tian-tian and Wee nam kee.
THe classic trio of sauces with the additional pickled chili:)
The rice was done nicely. very fragrant ans just the way i like my chicken rice to be , a little oily with lots of flavour:)
The Chicken was moist, not much fat which is good. And nicely seasoned.
Another thing that was recommended in the menu is their Roasted Pork, which goes out of stock earlier than the Chicken.
This was just okay lah, it wont be the thing that would make me return to Yet Con. But still worth a try,
They say the Hainanese pork chops here are very good, but regrettably i wasnt able to try it.
For really authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice. Come visit this restaurant. They do steamboat as well. And one more plus is that the place is AIRCONDITIONED!!!

25 Purvis St
Singapore 188602
6337 6819

Friday, November 26, 2010

McDonalds Double Mc Spicy

REcently the papers just revealed that 10% of all Singaporeans are Obese. Obesity is define as being 20% above your ideal bodyweight. of a body mass index of above 30. Walaoh!! i never knew that Singapore has a hgih obesity populstion. You dont really see a lot fo large people outside. Not like other western countries. Anyway recently Mcdonalds have been adding to this cause. Having Double everything. I decided to try the Double Mc Spicy.

Two patties of boneless fried chicken thighs. I like his, because unlike the usual Mc Chciken, this is not process meat.

The patty here is like KFC's Zinger. Laden iwth a large dollop or mayonaisse. The sandwich was indeed filling. It was good. Better head to the gym before or after eating this though.
Will try the MEGAMAC next time:)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jia Ji Mei Shi - Chinatown Complex Food Center

Breakfast time. A very improtant meal of the day. Sometimes people are just too busy or ina hurry to prepare breakfast at home so they would just rush to a hawker center. And here i am.. being one of those people to rush to a hawker center to get a tummy full of food. Saw this line and was thinking. they must have something good. Bowls and bowls of porridge was being serve. I just have to order myself one. I got the chicken. no raw fish this time to accompany my porridge.

This came piping hot but a but the texture was a bit watered down, i like my porridge thick. Nevertheless, it came in a very big bowl and thoughb i was able to finish it, i was indeed full after.
Chinatown Complex
335, Smith Street
Singapore 050335

Saturday, November 20, 2010

D-bun - Joo Chiat Road

Char siu bao.. for me one of life little pleasures. One of my comfort food. Sweet and salty meat, fat and sauce, enveloped in a fluffy steam bun. This is my all time favorite kind of bao.
D'bun is located in the east at joo chiat. Opened since 1991, they mnunst have been doing somthing right to be opened this long right? So, i walked here to try their Char Xiu Bao.

THe size was quite small, almost as small as Tanjong rhu pau(will post abt this place in the future) I like the bun itself as it wasnt too thick and you can feel it was kneaded properly.

The filling was good. The meat was in little cubes and nto pulverized to unrecognizable bits. A bit sweet though. but nevertheless, it fulfilled my pleasure that afternoon
Will try the Cahr siu sio bak pao next time:)
358 Joo Chiat Rd
Singapore 427603
6345 8220

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodles - Old Airport Road Food Center

Prawn Mee- One of my favorite Singapore Food. and this stall is one of the established names in Prawn Mee. Quite a number of people eating at this establishment.

So, i grab myself a seat and order a basic set of prawn and rib noodles. I always have my prawn noodles dry, unless htere will be a mix-up in orders. I like it dry and have the soup seperate, so the noodles wont be soggy.

The prawns, ribs and noodles, were just okay. The thing i like here was the soup, though the apperance wasnt that great. It tasted incredible. Like a bisque but stronger in flavour. couldnt stop sipping and finishing everything.

Question now is, should i just order the bigger and more expensive prawns? Well, my search for my favorite prawn noodles is now on!!!
By the way, the branch i tried is in Lorong Telok, i just mentioned old airport road coz i think it is the most famous one. i might be wrong though.. cheers..
Blk 51 Old Airport Road
Old Airport Road Food Centre
Tue-Fi: 9am – 8pm
Sat-Sun: 9am – 9pm
Off: Monday
with branches at Lorong Telok and Thomson near Novena

Friday, November 12, 2010

Al Forno - East Coast Road

There are also a lot of italian restaurants here in Singapore, Browsing thru MAKANSUTRA, this place got high marks for their pizza, so i decided to give it a try.
Pizza dough is prepared fresh daily and hand rolled and tossed.

The oven is very hot and cooks the pizza in less than 10 minutes:)
Ordered the All meat Pizza-

The crust was done well, crispy outer part and soft chewy inner portion, not tooo thick, not too thin. The toppings of tomato sauce, cheese and assorted meat was good. I like it that the italian sausage was not the cut up ones and it was made fresh.
Overall, i like the pizza, but is it the best in Singapore? I have to try some more places:)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marina South Curry Delight - Tiong Bahru

This place was once the curry place in Marina south, but due to the construction of the Marina Bay Sands, they were force to relocate. and they ended up here in Tiong Bahru Market and Food Center
Am not really a fish head fan, so i ordered a sliced fish curry. They use the same curry. Also ordered a serving of rice to soak the curry sauce:)

The curry was thick and creamy, with lots eggplant, tomatoes, tau pok, fried yam. It wasnt overly spicy but still gives ur tongue a waking up:) The fish was cooked well and was fresh as there wasnt any fishy taste or smell.. Other people have been raving abt thier fish head, but i am contended with tis dish. If you are a curry lover, try this one out
30 Seng Poh Road
#02-14 Tiong Bahru Market S168898
Closed on Mondays

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sin Hoi Sai Seafood - Tiong Bahru

I have been passing by this place a lot and seeing blogs about this place. Finally i was able to try it out. The place is alfresco dining with lots and lots fo fresh seafood swimming in their huge aquariums.
Service was quick and efficient. didnt really order any seafood dish as the budget was an issue. hahahah
The chili sauce here was very potent and good
Seafood Fried Rice-
good size serving. Fried exquisitely. good wok hei, neither dry or too wet. seasoned well.
Prawn Paste Chicken-
the taste was a bit too strong, even the color of the meat has turn to red orange. Not one of my favorite prawn paste chicken.
Hot plate Tofu-
this was good. the tofu was silky smooth inside. The meat and egg that accompanied the dish tasted good, including the boiling hot gravy.
Fresh barley drink-

I still have to get myself use to this drink.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hainanese Curry Rice - Maxwell Food Center

I never knew I would love this dish. I never really liked curry. I would eat it if it was served, but I would never be the one to look for it or order it in a restaurant. So, I was quite surprised when I have urges to eat this dish here in Singapore.
But there are places who does it well and there are places who does not. So far, places I went to does it well. Here in Maxwell food center. This place is one of the more famous one
I always order the fried pork cutlets and braised cabbage.

And their rendition of the dish is good. The curry was nicely done that you would like to order more and more rice and more and more curry.
The pork cutlets were also fried well and the braised cabbage was delicious as well. For curry rice lovers, add this to your list