Sunday, October 31, 2010

Singapore Seafood Republic - Resorts World Sentosa

4 biggest name in the seafood business here in Singapore, collaborated to form this Paradise. Tung Lok, Jumbo, Seafood international and Palm Beach.
A success in Japan with branches in Osaka and Tokyo, and now they decided to finally open in their Motherland. So, how was it?
Well, first and foremost, the place was huge. Brightly lit and spacious.
Service was also fantastic. Polite and efficient waiters and waitresses.
NOw lets get down to the food.

Scallop in Yam Ring- i would have like it if the used the whole scalllop rather than sliced it in third i think coz it was quite thin, but nevertheless, the coating was fried exceptionally and not too oily.
Wasabi prawns- very good, cooked perfectly, and the dressing was just right.
OTAH- very well done as well with chunks of fish inside.
Steam Seabass on eggwhite-

This was delicious. the seabass was cooked perfectly and flaked easuly. The chili micture on top just added wht right kick without being too spicy. The steam egg white absord the juices of the fish so well as it became well flavoured.
Sharkfin and seafood soup,
a tad too salty for me, but the ingredients inside the soups was exceptional, with large bits of crabmeat, scallops, fish and whole peel shrimp.
Sauteed prawn in sweet black sauce-
this was kinda ordinary for me. nothing exceptional
Black pepper crab-
done very well, a bit dry
Chili crab with mantou-
served in a claypot(what is shown is just a serving) to keep the delicious sauce hot. this was very good, the mantou can be a bit bigger though. the sauce was good to the last slurp. we just kept on asking extra mantou to finish the sauce:)
Seafood fried rice.-
again chockful of ingredients. Very nicely done. love it
Chinese dessert-

i dont know what this is called, they say it was good, i am just not into chinese dessert. never was, even when i was a kid.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Riverside Indonesian BBQ - Kopitiam, Plaza Singapura

Here in Singapore, when you ask about indonesian food, the most famous dish would be aside from Nasi Goreng, is Ayam Penyet. THey Super Spicky Fried Smashed Chicken. Let me introduce you to its Darker Grilled Brother. The Ayam Panggang
Located in the 4th floor of Plaza Singapura Mall. This stall always has the longest queue, and i dont question why. The chicken here is terrific

Here is the complete dish, consisting of Chicken thigh and leg, doused in a sweet sauce, A serving of rice doused with delicious curry sauce then a fired egg and sambal on the side.... plus soup.

Everything just goes together so perfectly. The Sweetness of the sauce, the spicyness of the sambal and the curry
Now, i have to find if there are other stalls in Singapore that could better this stall. But acoording to my friends, this is the best so far.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Diandin Leluk - Golden Mile Complex

One of the more famous Thai restaurant here in Singapore. So, I really have high expectations.. Went to the main branch in Golden Mile Complex. The place is quite unexpecting. cleanliness is not really top notch. Service was quick but no so nice.
Thai ice tea-
not really great. Taste okay, not something i would come here for.
Tom Yum Soup-
this was scorchingly spicy. If you love your tom yum spicy, then thism is the place to be. Could have use more shrimps though.
Olive Rice-

one of the better olive rice i have tried. THe flavors of the meat and the rice juyst blended so well togetner. But keep in mind the chopped chilies before mixing everytthing all up, you might regret it after.:) this was the best dish of the night
Fried something-
forgot the name. the picture in the menu was so beautiful that i decided to try it. taste like cuttlefish cake.very artificial taste. Dont try this if you are here.
Golden mile has a lot of other thai restaurants that would be worthy of at least a visit. But i would come back here for the olive rice:)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tavolo - Parco Marina

Parco Marina Bay, is one of the newest malls opening here in Singapore. And on the topmost floor of this mall houses a conglomerate of Japanese restaurant and this lone Italian Restaurant which I had the pleasure of trying.
Freebies: Cut up foccacia bread served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip.
warm bread.. i like it when they give the effrot to making your bread warm beofre serving it
Tossed salad with walnuts and dried fruits and mascarpone cheese-
THe creaminess of the cheese , cuts through perfectly with the tnaginess of the salad dressing, then the sweet dried fruits add another flavor component to let you tongue be excited
Panini with parma ham, arugula and fresh mozzarella cheese-
This was very good, the warm, crispy bread, the salty parma ham, the creamy mozzarella and the peppery arugula, everything was blended well together. One of the hgihlights of the meal
Gnocchi with Salmon and fish roe and kiwi-
This was just okay, ordered it, because the dish was unique as it used fruits in a savory pasta dish which i usually dont find.

Squink ink plasta with seafood-
this was very good. plasta was deliciously aldente, the seafood was well cooked and the flavour was very evident.
Four cheese Risotto-
this was the worst dish of the meal. it was bland and the risotto was too wet
this was made well. moist but not overly wet. Goos coffee and chocolate taste

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bonifacio - Telok Ayer St., Chinatown

Bonifacio is the name of one of Philippines’ National Heroes. He is different from Jose Rizal as this guy fought for the country using his might and his sword. While Jose Rizal fought using his pen.
This restaurant is the newest “fine” dining place that serves Filipino cuisine.
Tried a few dishes here
Sisig- Consisting of pork cheeks, liver, pork ears, sautéed in onion, garlic, spices then put on a sizzling plate then topped with an egg. 10SGD. Serving size was a bit small for the price. But it was good, a dash of hot sauce help uplift the taste of the dish. A nice dish to be partnered with a cold bottle of beer.
Inihaw na liempo( grilled pork belly)- the meat was tender and the marinate was simple salt and pepper and some lime, but I still prefer “sio bak” with the crispy skin. The skin here, is soggy and I don’t like eating it.
Bistek Tagalog- Beef tenderloin in brown sauce(20SGD)- again the price was a bit steep, the beef was tender though and the sauce is not what Singaporeans are used to. It a combination of sweet, salty with a hint of sourness.
Garlic Fried Rice- Filipino style fried rice that havent got much ingredients but emphasizes the garlic taste. Nice
Overall, the place was great, nice quiet and good place to unwind after a days work.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Carl's Jr - Lots of branches around Singapore

I love Carl’s Jr ad with the clown being crushed by their burger… I wonder which burger they are trying to crush. Hahahha

Unlimited serving of salsa, jalapenos, and tomato sauce. Yummy
Unlimited napkins as well.. yoohoo!!!
Anyway, lets get down to the food
Ordered the Big Carl- Which is two patties, cheese, and veggies. Compared to the other “burger” , their patties are more juicy and taste better. The size was also substantial.

Accompanying the burger is their Texas Fingers which are onion sticks and jalapeno sticks, deep fried. I love this more than their regular fries. This is now my new favorite!
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Outram Park Fried Kway Teow - Hong Lim Complex

Was told this place cooks one of the finer Fried(Char) Kway Teow here in Singapore. Located in the Hong Lim Complex, this place is now temporarily at the improvised Hawker center at Hong Lim Park. After numerous failed attempts of coming here and sadly the stall was closed. THey dont serve dinner and are closed on Sundays. Greeting you when you show up at their stall are 3 ladies asking what you want and where you are seated. So there is no visible queue , but the waiting time is at least 15-20 minutes if you are lucky. Soemtimes it can go close to half an hour during peak times.
Here is a plate of 3 dollar Kway Teow. Mixture of thick and thin noodles, tossed in a sweet savory sauce with lots of cockles and sliced cuttlefish cake and of course. LARD!!!:)
Not much egg though, but the dish was done every well. Would like it to be have more of a charred taste to it., but nevertheless, it was savory and delicious. Truly one of the finer Char Kway Teow in this little island.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rong Guang BBQ Seafood

Not a lot of Asian countries serves Sting Ray. I was shocked when the first time I tried it that it tasted like fish, I was expecting it to have the texture of a squid or cuttlefish and not be as flaky as a fish.
This restaurant has a couple of branches all around Singapore. This one is at Bukit Merah/Alexandra, And it was quite a little place , al fresco.
Chincalook and Spicy vinegar with shallots
They are famous for their BBQ Stingray..
when it came it smelled fantastic. The sambal has this smoky smell that just make you want to stick your fork in it and eat it quickly. It wasn’t too spicy but still has the kick and a mild sweetness and just perfect for the stingray. It doesn’t even need the other two side sauces they serve.
Another good dish was the Prawn Paste Chicken,
All Mid-joint Wings, it was fried perfectly. Crispy tasty skin, moist juicy meat. I love this. One of the better prawn paste chicken I have eaten.
The vegetable dish was also very nice. Tossed with garlic. Its light and very tasty.. Very nice vegetable.