Friday, October 22, 2010

Diandin Leluk - Golden Mile Complex

One of the more famous Thai restaurant here in Singapore. So, I really have high expectations.. Went to the main branch in Golden Mile Complex. The place is quite unexpecting. cleanliness is not really top notch. Service was quick but no so nice.
Thai ice tea-
not really great. Taste okay, not something i would come here for.
Tom Yum Soup-
this was scorchingly spicy. If you love your tom yum spicy, then thism is the place to be. Could have use more shrimps though.
Olive Rice-

one of the better olive rice i have tried. THe flavors of the meat and the rice juyst blended so well togetner. But keep in mind the chopped chilies before mixing everytthing all up, you might regret it after.:) this was the best dish of the night
Fried something-
forgot the name. the picture in the menu was so beautiful that i decided to try it. taste like cuttlefish cake.very artificial taste. Dont try this if you are here.
Golden mile has a lot of other thai restaurants that would be worthy of at least a visit. But i would come back here for the olive rice:)

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