Monday, October 4, 2010

Rong Guang BBQ Seafood

Not a lot of Asian countries serves Sting Ray. I was shocked when the first time I tried it that it tasted like fish, I was expecting it to have the texture of a squid or cuttlefish and not be as flaky as a fish.
This restaurant has a couple of branches all around Singapore. This one is at Bukit Merah/Alexandra, And it was quite a little place , al fresco.
Chincalook and Spicy vinegar with shallots
They are famous for their BBQ Stingray..
when it came it smelled fantastic. The sambal has this smoky smell that just make you want to stick your fork in it and eat it quickly. It wasn’t too spicy but still has the kick and a mild sweetness and just perfect for the stingray. It doesn’t even need the other two side sauces they serve.
Another good dish was the Prawn Paste Chicken,
All Mid-joint Wings, it was fried perfectly. Crispy tasty skin, moist juicy meat. I love this. One of the better prawn paste chicken I have eaten.
The vegetable dish was also very nice. Tossed with garlic. Its light and very tasty.. Very nice vegetable.

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