Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hainanese Curry Rice - Maxwell Food Center

I never knew I would love this dish. I never really liked curry. I would eat it if it was served, but I would never be the one to look for it or order it in a restaurant. So, I was quite surprised when I have urges to eat this dish here in Singapore.
But there are places who does it well and there are places who does not. So far, places I went to does it well. Here in Maxwell food center. This place is one of the more famous one
I always order the fried pork cutlets and braised cabbage.

And their rendition of the dish is good. The curry was nicely done that you would like to order more and more rice and more and more curry.
The pork cutlets were also fried well and the braised cabbage was delicious as well. For curry rice lovers, add this to your list

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