Monday, December 27, 2010

Royal Carribean Cruise Legends of the Seas Day 3

Day three of the cruise will bring you to Patong beach in Phuket by 1pm, and you get to stay till 930pm.
Breakfast is a choice of either the Romwo and juliet of Windjammers.
Windjammers was the choice
Plate no. 1-
Bacon, Smoked Salmon, Pork Sausages, Bread, Hash brwons, Naan.
bacon was done well, crispy and easy too eat, the Smoked salmon, i found to be a bit salty for my taste, i love the pork sausage and the hash brown, but the naan was dry, hard and difficult to eat.
Plate no. 2-
egg white omellete with shrimp, mushroom, tomatoes and cheese--- made to order.. yummmy:)
Plate no. 3-
pancake with whipped cream, strawberry sauce and cinnamon sugar on the side.. again.. very delicious
For lunch before we disembark at Phuket, i tried their NY striploin open sandwich. which sounded promising in the menu
and the photo at their cookbook

Here is what i got

Ordered for it to be done medium, again.. they over cooked my order.
I love the bread basket as usual:)

THe salad bar was loaded with stuff though and it provided the a nice intro to the lunch

Other choices like the Jambalaya tasted great

The grilled prawn skewer was also nice,
if only they use bigger sized prawns.
THe seafood chowder was a disaster
you can only find this baby squid in the chowder.
Dessert was this blueberry cheesecake

which was just ok and this banana cake which was also okay

Dinner, instead of going to Romeo and juliet we went to Windjammer and as usual they were serving the same food
plate no.1 -

Roasted pork loin with apple sauce,(which was very tender and moist.. very good) slow roasted beef shoudler( this was just okay, nothing great), potato croquettas(good), spicy fish tempura(forgettable), asparagus and egg quiche(very very good), vegetable fried rice(just okay),
After dinner you can watch a variety show done by the crew of the cruise of a late night movie
then after movie you can have snakc at the Solarium which serves till 2am

The french fries here are very very good,
better than fast food outlets like McDonalds or Burger King.
The burgers are okay as well,

except for the bread they use, but theri patties are pure beef patties.
They also serve pizzas here, but not really very nice.

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