Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ya-Mahyuddin Al-Jailani Restaurant - Outram

Prata places are scattered all around Singapore. THe good ones now are relatively harder to find. Most of the shops just get their pratas from a supplier and the art of making your own prata dough is fast becoming a rarity. Looking for a place to eat breakfast one time. I chance upon this place..
just near Singapore General Hospital.
Not a lot of people eating. This is perhaps the only 24hr prata place in the area and i was hungry for prata so i grab myself a seat and tried it out.
Mushroom and cheese prata--

well, the prata was not as fluffy as i want it to be. And the lack of adequate mushroom and cheese inside, didnt help the dish as well.
Tissue Prata-

THis one was better, made really well, crispy and the butter and sugar was just the right amount, not too greasy and not overly sweet.
Perfect with a glass of Milo Dinosaur!!
Which tasted good and not diluted.
89 Kampong Bahru Road
#01-01 Blair Plain Conservation Area, Singapore
6410 9737

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