Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Makansutra Glutton's Bay Food

K.F. Seetoh, the founder of Makansutra, has established an empire of all things food related. just recently , he has released the lateast version of the Makansutra book with more than 200 new listings.. one of my default eateries here in Singapore is his baby in Esplanade. Where he got some of the hawkers from all around Singapore in one place to showcase Singapore food to the world.
Here are what we got...for now... hehehe
Chili Crab--
too bad they dont have Sri lankan crab that time, we were serve flower crabs which was also good.. and they dont have mantou as well so i cant slurp the sauce away...
BBQ Sting ray-
this was done just the way i like it, the Sambal was a bti toasted to release the smoky flavor.. other people dont like it this way and like their sambal freshly painted on the Stingray. this is a prefrence among makankakis...
Crispy Baby Squid-
very good, crispy, and nto oily. The seasoning was just perfect
Fried Rice-
worst dish of the night, i never like fried rice wherein they put frozen corn, carrots and green peas... would have like it , if those were not present..
Place is open from 5pm to past Midnight.

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