Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Royal Carribean Cruise - Legend of the Seas

This is a start of a series:)
A lot of my fellow bloggers have went to the Cruise organized by Royal Caribbean. And they have all shared their experience. The Legend of the Seas ;Travels from Singapore to Port Kelang(Malaysia) and then Phuket, for a total of 5 days and 4 nights experience,
I happen to book the trip myself after theirs and I would like to share with you my paid experience. I am not a newbie when it comes to cruises. I have ridden a fleet of Star cruises already. Twice in Hongkong and once from Singapore, so , I am going to compare this experience with the previous three.
First and foremost, Checking in the Harbourfront Cruise Center was a breeze. Not much line and the people were friendly and helpful. You will get directed on where to go by a number of people assigned in strategic places at the Center.
Boarding time starts at 2pm , Ship will be sailing off by 5pm. So when you board, you have a lot of time to go around the ship and do what you have to do.
Be sure to Check all the SEAPASS card of you group, if you are assigned to the same table at the same time. UNLUCKILY, evem when we booked at the same time, 2 of the people in our group were assigned different tables, so we had to arranged it again and waste 30 minutes in queue, A inconvineince which can be avoided.
Anyway, being a food blog, the food will be the main topic in this story. But , I will also be discussing some things in the end of the food story, on what I didn’t like about the trip and what I like about it.
My first meal here was at the ROMEO And JULIET restaurant.

It’s a nice big place where you have a waiter and a assistant waiter attending your table. A menu will be given to choose you starter, your main course and dessert.
Service was great.
My head waiter was named UGUR.. a big Turkish guy, who speaks very well. And his assistant is Caetano. Who was South American.
This was my first dinner, and the dinner of my cruise mates, which i was able to taste as well
Bread Rolls with butter- okay lah

Ceasar Salad..
not well executed, not creamy, no bacon, the veggies were nice and crisp though
Shrimp Cocktail -
this was okay, very small shrimp
Carrot and ginger soup---
Fish and Prawn Tempura-

One big prawn alongside two slices of fish, deep fried, temoura style. This was okay. THe prawn was not as fresh as the fish
Turkey breast with apple stuffing-

This was good, the breast meat was tender and not dried out, but also not very very juicy.
Chocolate brownie-
good, the in between layer was what i like most.
Key Lime Pie--
i find it too sweet
Banana almond parfait-
this was good, its like an ice cream cake, people who love bananas will surely adore this dessert.
but my story deosnt end here.
Usually in a cruise, there is a fine dining retaurant and a buffet restaurant at the top most deck. and in the other cruise i have tried, the food is usually different in the resurants, Lo and behold when i check the WINDJAMMERS out.. this is what i find
Salad Bar

Shrimp cocktail turned to sushi


Fish Tempura

The desserts

What do u guys think about this
Next post.. Day 2 of the cruise. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. For me, it was my first cruise ever, and I had nothing to compare it to. So it's interesting to find out how they are different.

    Personally, for me, it's not such a big issue if the buffet and sit-down restaurant share some dishes, because you're likely to eat at just one and not both. And it was even semi-useful actually, as some of us took a sneak preview and taste test at Windjammer to see what dishes we should order at Romeo & Juliet.