Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rahiman Chicken Rice - Singapore General Hospital

Some point in your life, people will end up going to the hospital. to have a check-up, to visit somebody.. or God forbid.... be sick and get admitted. Each hospital here in Singapore has their own KOPITIAM...
and while going around the Kopitiam of the biggest hospital here in singapore, i noticed this stall selling Ayam Penyet.... This is the only stall here in SGH, that has a Makansutra certificate.. so i just had to try it.
Ordered teh Ayam Penyet..

wow, the chicken was very Crispy.. yet the inside was nto dried out.. the Sambal, was very very spicy... i describe it a scalp sweating spicy level.. hahaha, it really goes to the top of your head...
The rice is not your ordinary steam rice.. because they also serve Hainanese style the rice that comes with your ayam Penyet is Chicken Rice!!
Woohoo!! love it!!!
If ever you are in SGH visiting or having a checkup, drop by this stall if you are hungry:)

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