Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Legend of the Seas Land Excursions - Patong Beach, Phuket

Day 3, lands you in Phuket at 1pm, and like when we were in Port Kelang in Malaysia, we decided to forego with what the cruise was offering and went to choose our own adventure when we reached the shore.
However, the place was much more chaotic than Port Kelang which was more organized. Here, Divers would surround you and haggle with you till no end.. well, there is an end, when you choose one of them . They will offer trips to nearby destination.
Our Driver brought us to a Elephant and Snake show, which we were ot interested.
He then borught us to a shop that sells local delicacies, like tamarind candies etc..
Then he brought us to a jewelry factory, even when we said we dont want to go.. thet say that the company provides them with vouchers for free gas just to bring customers, even if we dont buy any stuff from them.
Lastly i asked them to bring us to a good thai restaurant.
NOTE TO ALL... never let them drive you to a restaurant.. and never go to this restaurant.
Its expensive and not that good
here is what we had. Tom yum soup and chicken and crab wantons.. both are sub par and forgettable

Not full after that meal, we went to the beach side to find some thai food... we were at awe that there were 3 Mcdonalds in a short stretch of beach road and a lot of places serving pizzas.
We were able to find this restaurant in one of the sides streets.

Ordered a Prawn pancake-

which was nicely fried though my only complant is the breading was a bit thickm but otherwise, the filling was good
Pad Thai-

was so-so, not something i would order here again
Thai ice tea-
was also a bit anemic and bland.
Should i therefore conclude that Patong beach doesnt really offer good thai food... hmmm...

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