Sunday, February 20, 2011


Ice cream that doesnt melt quickly.. to see is to believe..
I have heard from friends and read on other blogs about this ice cream in Ya kun kaya that just doesnt melt that easily.. so when i had a chance to try it, i just had to observe and see iif it really doesnt melt
Ordered an assortment of flavor, from Durian, to strawberry, chocolate and cookies and cream..

i like the cookies and cream the best and here is the picture form the time i got it from the counter

and this is the picture 7 minutes after..
indeed, it didnt melt..
Anyway, i like the treat.. just like the ice cream you can get from the street but here the bread is toasted slightly so you get a slight crunch while eating it. A great way to cool down in the humid Singapore weather.

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