Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ananda Bhavan - Little India

Craving for good Naan Bread, my hunger lead me to this place in Little India
Established in 1924, this reataurant is said to be the oldest Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in the Island.
Inside you can find indian families, eating simple food, most of them using their bare hands.:)

The garlic naan : everthing is made on the spot and baked in a Tandoor oven when ordered. the smell of the naan was very good.. comes with three kinds of dip that you can try individually or mix and match it. i love the naan, soft, with crispy exteriors.. yummy.. really really good.

Cheese Naan was also good, but i prefer the garlic one.... will surely go back for more garlic naan

221 Selegie Rd
Singapore 188340
6336 3891
Subway: Little India
Open Weekdays 7am-10pm; Weekends 7am-11pm

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