Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SHANGHAI CHEE CHEONG FUN - Chinatown Complex Food Center

Shanghai Chee Cheong Fen
Chinatown Complex Food Centre
335 Smith Street Singapore 050335
Chee Cheong Fun is always fun to eat. As a side dish to a good meal. Chinatown Complex houses one of the better chee cheong fun, they make it at this stall, though not made to orde each time. They tend to make it by batches and keep it warm in a steel refrigerator like appliance
Ordered the Char Siew Chee cheong Fun- I find the cheong fun wrapper a but thick, as I love my chee cheong fun wrapper more relax looking and not so stiff, I like the the sauces they doused the cheong fun with though, like their chili sauce and sweet and salty thick soy sauce that just suit the cheong fun very well.

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