Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shimbashi Soba - Paragon

I just love noodles, may it be Chinese la mian, to Japanese ramen, to Italian pastas, to Filipino pancit etc etc. I love slurping long strands of noodles or twirling it around my fork.
Shimbashi Soba is a relatively newcomer here in Singapore Restaurant Business. Singapore is more crazy over Ramen and opening a soba place does seem like a right idea to have us exposed to another type of Japanese Noodles.
Ordered the Chicken teriyaki don with Soba Set- The Chicken Teriyaki was quite nice. Tender Plump chicken cutlets fried perfect coated with a delicious teriyaki sauce that is just perfectly sweet and salty. The soba however was not as “QQ” as I want it to be, maybe because I ate the chicken rice first? I will try ordering the dry soba next time and see how it fares.
THis side salad was just okay.
Located in Basment 1 of Paragon.

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