Friday, July 9, 2010

First Thai - near City Hall

Thai restaurants in Singapore are becoming more and more. Even hawker centers now has Thai themed stalls. But this restaurant in the Cityhall/Bugis Area is one of the first one to open and serve thai food. This is my first taste of thai food in singapore
One of my rant here is that you wont be given a table if all your companions haven’t arrive yet. This I don’t understand. If I am gonna order for 5 persons, why can’t the 2 persons who arrive first get the table already right?
Olive Fried Rice-
I was fascinated by the name, the dish came out as a nice collage of colors, cant really taste the olive in the rice though. Be careful when mixing the rice, it has loads of freshly chopped chili.
Pineapple Fried Rice-
I find this one better than the olive fried rice and it was funny to see chicken floss on top of the fried rice. Never had chicken floss on top of rice I when I ate in Thailand
Tom Yam Soup-
this was nice. Served hot, the soup was full of seafood and mushrooms, and I love the tangy sour taste of it.
Curried Soft Shelled Crab-
one of their new dishes which I also like very much as I love soft shelled crab and they fired it beautifully crisp. The sauce just complimented the crab.
Chicken Pandan- this was just okay.
23 Purvis Street Singapore (656) 339-3123

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