Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lan Zhou La Mian - Chinatown

La Mian is a specialty in Northern China. There is a distinct technique of pulling and rolling the noodles out. Here in Singapore, this is the guy who mastered his noodle making,
Located in the middle of Chinatown. This noodle place packs in the customers.
He is proud of his noodle making skills that he stretches the dough in both direction, using both his left and right hand. He claims only he does this technique to have the noodles to be consistent on both end unlike the usual la mian where the maker only stretches the dough in one direction.
I ordered myself a ban mian. Which is like a Chinese Bolognese. Topped with minced pork in black bean sauce. The noodles were indeed very delicious and it was quite good.
The sauce though for me lacks character and depth. It tasted very underseasoned and could have used a bit more salt and pepper.

The noodles here were the clear STAR. They offer a lot of other things, but that’s for the next review.:)
19 Smith Street
Singapore 058933
6327 1286
Open Daily 12pm-10:30pm

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