Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toms Palette - Bugis

Ice cream has been a booming industry here in Singapore, and I don’t wonder why. This country is very hot and humid and what else is nice to enjoy aside from an ice cold drink but ice cream right?
A lot of homemade ice cream places are starting to flood Singaporean, let me share my favorite among them all
This tiny stall in Shaw Leisure Gallery in Beach road which for me serves the best and most affordable ice cream in Singapore. Not counting that the owners were also the nicest I have met.
Here I am excited to get my scoop of ice cream divided into 2 flavors. Vanilla and Sarsi.
All I can do was smile while I was savoring my frozen delight. Creamy and dense, it is just how I like my ice cream.
Will be back for more!!!

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