Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tiong Bahru Wanton Noodles

This place doesn’t really have a proper English name. But just go there during lunch time and look for one of the longest queue and you wont miss this place.
What makes this wanton mee different from the others? I have read in some blogs that their “char siu” is much mucb better than the usual char siu from a regular wanton place. So I ordered a 3 dollar plate and here is what I got
Dry noodles with slices of charsiu; veggies; sambal, a bowl of soup with wantons.

The sauce they mixed up on the bottom of the noodles was very fragrant and savory. I don’t know exactly what they mixed, but I just couldn’t help but keep on eating the noodles as it coats each strands. The noodles itself was cooked to “QQ” perfection.
The Charsiu was not really the char siu I expect from other blogs I read, it was a bit fatter a bit more moist.. but I expected more. The wantons were the usual small ones with mix of mince pork and fish.
Overall, I like the noodles, the charsiu was a bit better but not outstandingly good.
Tiong Bahru Market Stall 02-30
10.30am - around 3pm when Char Siew is sold out
Closed Fridays

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  1. nice site! good of u to feature a lot of local and unknown places

    i really like this wanton mee ... used to eat it a lot when i was workin nearby for years :)