Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tuck Kee (Ipoh) San Ho Fun


I have heard legends about IPOH cuisine being the best cuisine in Malaysia.. but don’t tell that to the people from PENANG. Hahahah
Here in Singapore there are a few places offering Ipoh food and I chanced upon this place in Hong Lim with a very long queue.. so it must be good right? It is not that cheap to deserve a long queue so the other assumption would be it must be really good.
On the display window showed the rice noodles they used and pasted there are the wards they got and the pictures of the food they serve.

Ordered myself a 5.00SGD portion; it looked so good. With the prawns and crayfish and thick gravy And indeed it was good.
The prawn and crayfish was freshly cooked and tasted sweet… not dessert/candy sweet but savory sweet, The gravy just hugs each strand of ho fun and was also very nice. Truly one of the best Ho fun I have tasted here in Singapore

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