Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bao Inn - ABC Brickworks

ABC Brickworks have this little stall that makes their own paos on the spot. Everythign is steam in the premises. Got myself a Char siu bao. And a chicken pao- both for 60 cents a piece.
The charsiu bao has mince pork inside,
I would have like it if the pork was not mince so fine, I like bigger dice where you can feel the meat strands when you bite into it.
The chicken pao was good,, juicy and moist inside and the seasoning was just perfect.
Another Stop- GogoBeanZ- yuou can find in a lot of hawker centers

Soy milk with grass jelly- I thought this combination would not really work to my liking, but I was glad to be wrong It was good and very refreshing.

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  1. I love milk tea therefore I am intrigued by the grass jelly milk tea! How does it taste?