Sunday, September 5, 2010

Victory Muslim Restaurant.

Beside the more Famous ZAM –ZAM, I don’t know if there is a history behind this two restaurant, but everything looked the same, the lay out of the restaurant. The way their menu looks like, the price of their food. Came here to try the Mutton Murtarbak.
Of course you will get the usual cucumber with sweet and sour sauce.
The murtarbak came, hot and freshly made. Smelled very good. I like the crispy exterior then inside was the minced muttons with onions. Served with Mutton Curry.
I like it better than Zam zam because the outer layer was crispier yet the inner layers are still chewy and not dried out. Every bite was worth its artery clogging, cholesterol laden calorie. I just love this dish, but not for everyday eating.
No. 701 & 703 North Bridge Road (Opp. to Sultan Mosque) Singapore 198677. Tel: 62986955 / 62983502

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