Monday, September 27, 2010

Casuarina Curry Restaurant - Thomson Area

Too some.. prata is everyday food, a lot even eat it for breakfast paired with coffe or teh tarik, for me.. Prata is definitely an indulgence. I described this piece of pastry as Asian Croissant. Its light in appearance but heavy on the stomach, and I love it very much. This place was recommended by the Makan Guru himself.. KF Seetoh. Here in Casuarina Curry, They still make their own prata dough.
Ordered a PRATA Plaster and a Paper prata. The prata plaster was basically a Kosong.. which is a plain prata with a fried egg stuck..
or plastered to it. The paper prata is a thin and crispy prata. Both were nicely done. Eaten with gravy. The prata has the numerous layers that I like. The paper prata was crispy yet not too thin . Both were delicious. And I was satisfied.
And to wash it down.. a cold glass of Mango Lassi. Goooooood… just right combination with the prata.
136-138 Casuarina Road Singapore, neat Upper Thomson Road

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