Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fatty Cheong ABC Brickworks Food Center

Still searching for the best Singapore Char Siu, I was lead to this place by the website ieatishootispost.sg
He claimed that this place serves one of the best char siu of Singapore. So here I am queueing at ABC brickworks. Try to avoid the lunch hour whne you want to eat here as the queue can go up to 30 minutes.
Here is my plate of Wanton Mee, with the famous Charsiu slices on top of the noodles.
The Char siu was indeed a lot better than the other outlets I have eaten which srved lean meat that is colored to get the reddish hue. Here the Char siu was baked nicely, It still fails in comparison to the Char Siu I have eaten in Hong Kong but I think this will do for now. The noodles were also nice and springy. The wantons though.. I don’t want to talk about it as I am still disappointed.
Come here for the roasted items.

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