Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mr. Teh Tarik - Changi Road, Geylang Serai

Teh tarik to those who don’t know is “pulled tea”,. It’s a way of cooling tea then the person making it pulls the tea from one pot to another causing it to be cooled at the same time created air bubbles to make a nice airy creamy beverage. I love milk teas that’s why I love teh tarik, but I like it with ice though.
Here is an order of iced Teh Tarik. Creamy, and very nice. Not too sweet. Perfect to partner it with Prata. Here is the banana prata I ordered, I wanted prata tissue but they say it was not available. Too bad. Sadly they don’t make their own prata dough and just order it from a supplier. It was just mediocre.

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