Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bismillah Biryani Restaurant - Little India

Biryani Rice is fast becoming one of my favorite indian food. Basmati rice has always been one of my favorite variety of rice, its long, and it absorbs water very well. I like my rice dry and fluffy. And Basmati rice is the best for it.
This restaurant has been very pupular among Singapore food blogs, because of its good Biryani. so i headed to Dunlop street to give it a try.
Ordered myself a Mutton Dum Biryani.
i love the colors of the rice cooked in Saffron and some indian spices. It is very aromatic. I also like the fact that they separate the curry gravy from the meat so that you can put the curry on the rice and control the amount, so that it wont be too messy and too wet.
The meat was cooked very well. Curry was also very strong yet not overwhelming the taste of the meat and the rice.
Overall, i like it. But, is it the best singapore has to offer...Maybe yes, maybe no, not yet sure.
Owner was pretty ncie as well. so thats always a plus point
Bismillah Biryani Restaurant
50 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209379
11am to 10.30pm daily


  1. It's the best briyani I've ever tasted for sure and I recommend all my friends there! :))

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